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    • We repair/setup apple iPods, iPhons and iPads: call for price 

    • Clean Up PC
      Clean up unnecessary history trace records, cache files, system redundancy and debris. Instantly release wasted disk space and access speed. Protect personal privacy information from leaking out. $50

    • We do pick up and delivery:  $35

    • We offer free consultation we try to answer some of you miner computer problems

    • Free Estimates and Fast Response Time Guaranteed

    • Diagnostic
      we test all of your hardware and software to get to the root of your computer problems:  $50
    • Tune up
      we diagnose and repair operating system issues. Install service packs and patches. We will even take care of that blue screen of death!! We will even Defragment the hard drive:$75
    • Tune up + security includes virus & spy ware removal.
      Diagnose and repair operating system issues, registry, Install of service packs and patches. Defragment of hard drive: $100

    • Data backup/ transfer
      is a one-time backup of your data to an external hard drive, network, attached storage, CD, DVD or another computer. (destination device/drive not included)You must pay for the storage up front:  $70

    • Install software title installation of one software tile, add start & desktop icon. (software not included):  $25

    • Install operating system installation of operating system and all drivers.(software not included):  $80

    • Memory install (memory not included): $35

    • Hardware install & installation (hardware not included, you must pay up front for the hardware) of one internal or external hardware component:  $40

    • Hard drive install includes installation of hard drive, installation of operating system & drivers. Backup & transfer of data (hard drive not included):  $100

    • Wireless networking set up & secure wireless router, configure one computer and on printer (router not included): $100

    • Additional devices within the same trip:  $25

    • Add device to existing net work Installation & configuration of one additional compatible device on your wireless or wired network: $50

    • We can set up your new PC that includes  installing a new operating system, driver, updates,anti virus & firewall (software not included) you must pay for software up front.: $50
    • We can install and setup you printer for you. We install all drivers, plug-in the printer and test to see that it works.: $25

    • We custom build computers for you and the way that you want!(Call or e-mail for a quote)

    • We will schedule a pick up or a time for you to drop-off your computer

    • Payment of service is due when you pick up your PC or when the job is done